Hair Loss In Women And Treatment

There are many causes of hair fall in women. If your hair fall has gone for more than a month, then it is best to see a doctor for any medical reason. This guide is going to help you to find ways to deal with the loss before it ends up being irreversible or permanent.

Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

If you find yourself falling hair more than in normal, start eating a cup full of yogurt every day. Yogurt has the required calcium for your scalp, and it includes a shine to your hair. It will also help to deal with brittle, dry hair too.
One cause of hair fall that many individuals would not anticipate is tying the hair back in a ponytail or similar design. Connecting the hair puts pressure on the roots that train the hair to grow closer to the skin, which can eventually trigger it to fall out completely.

Medical Reasons For Hair Loss

Avoid colouring your hair excessively. If you dye your hair too much, it can cause it to fall out. It can also cause damage to your hair. To be safe, you must colour your hair, at the most, every two months.

You should avoid taking too many vitamins. Excess of Vitamins A & E in your diet plan can result in hair fall. Sometimes the hair and nails are the very first indication that you are not getting the ideal nutrients. Your hair may fall out if you have excessive vitamins.

Hair Fall from Roots Causes

Switching your pillowcase can help to prevent hair fall. Satin or silk pillowcases are helpful to avoid hair fall. Sleeping on a cotton or flannel pillow case can cause friction to your head which causes damage to the hair roots and makes the hair fall out.

If you want to avoid damage your hair, which could result in hair fall, then do not use a hairbrush on wet hairs. It is best to simply dry it with a soft towel, and let it dry naturally. Moreover, if you use a leave-in conditioner, try to keep it away from the scalp.

Remember that extreme heat dries your hair and causes damage. To prevent hair fall, stop exposing your hair to extreme heat. Do not use excessively warm water while washing up your hair. Stay away from blow drying or using curling irons. Always, protect your hair from the hot sun.

Natural Hair Loss Prevention

A great way to ensure that your hair begins to grow faster is to use onions in your hair shampoo. Faster development can combat hair fall, and simply slicing a fresh onion and putting it into your shampoo can achieve this through the onion's special enzymes.

As we have discussed earlier, hair fall has numerous causes. Most of them can be treated before it becomes irreversible. By using this guide, you can choose the best course of action to stop hair fall.